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Econopack – Enquiries about the Woolworks Ban and recall

Jarvis rejects Woolworks’ claim that the Econopack is not fit for purpose.  Independent testing by the NZ Wool Testing Authority shows it performs at equivalent levels to other new packs on the market, and outperforms second-hand packs sold back into the market by NZ Wool Dumping in conjunction with Woolworks.

No pack on the market, new or second-hand, passes the voluntary standard across all of the criteria.

In our view, the ban breaches the Commerce Act and Fair Trading Act. We have asked Woolworks to lift it, and work with the industry to set a new standard. They have refused to engage. NZ Wool Dumping, which has a monopoly, has now lifted the price of their second-hand packs.

Jarvis will not cover the replacement of Econopacks as the product remains fit for purpose. We believe that any costs should be borne by Woolworks as they have caused this situation.

We are taking this case of anticompetitive behaviour to the Commerce Commission.

If you believe you have also been subject to losses through this behaviour of Woolworks join us to bring some fair play into this part of the wool sector – farmers need competition, not an open door for ticket clipping.

For enquiries regarding the anticompetitive ban Woolworks have placed on the Econopack email or call 09 274 4152.

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