Onion Bags

The Jarvis sourced Onion Bag is renowned as being the best quality bag in the industry due to its strength, quality finish and excellent performance. Matching its quality attributes with our service and customer care has seen Jarvis become the leaders in the New Zealand Onion Bag Market.

Manufactured with a virgin resin, the bag is vibrant and offers excellent colour consistency.

To market yourself, Jarvis can also provide you with a personalised option where your branding is feature on the bag.

Jarvis are supported by a supplier relationship that spans 35 years. During course of this partnership we have been able to set a solid standard based around our customer’s needs. Many non-price benefits are a feature in dealing with the Jarvis sourced Onion Bag which include fast lead-times and the flexibility of low minimums.

Jarvis have an array of ex stock Onion Bag and Bulk Onion Bags held in our warehouse for prompt delivery. These come plain or in the case of the 10 and 20kg bags, Red, purple, tangerine and green (usually for fire wood) are our standard colours but upon request we can make up a special colour run for you.

Bulk Onion Bags also feature in our repertoire and are available in a 1375 kg (Plain Bag) and 1350 kg (With Baffle).

  • Onion Bags

Onion Bags

  • Onion bags
  • Small Onion Bags: 5kg, 10kg and 20kg | Bulk Onion Bags: 1350kg and 1375kg
  • Leno Weave Polypropylene Onion Bags