Gravure Printed Bags (BOPP)

This is your opportunity to separate yourself from the rest of the market and stand out with high quality photographic imagery. This is the bag that is ideal for your point of sale packaging requirements. Available in a Matt and Gloss finish.

If a customised bag is required, Jarvis will organise this for you. Please contact us to assist you in the way forward with your design and supply.

Choose from a variety of quality designs throughout our range of Gravure Printed (BOPP) potato bags. Available in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg.

Jarvis can also overprint our stock bags with your logo or potato species.

  • BOPP bags

Gravure Printed Bags (BOPP)

  • BOPP Potato Bag
  • Various sizes
  • 250
  • Gravure Printed BOPP Gloss or Matt finish. Available with a handle or easy open tape.